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Transformations Paint and Remodeling, Inc, (Transformations Remodeling) is a family-owned, residential construction and remodeling business based in San Antonio, Texas. We have served the greater San Antonio area since 2005, having completed more than three hundred kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling and room addition projects.

If you are looking for a highly respected remodeling company near you with the skill, reputation, and long list of satisfied customers to turn your dream kitchen, master bathroom, or extra living space into a long-awaited reality, please consider Transformations Remodeling to help you make your dream come true! 

Transformations Remodeling will convert your unique remodeling and/or room addition ideas into a stunning and distinctive home amenity that’s guaranteed to serve as your family’s centerpiece for quality living for many years to come.

Because of our extensive remodeling experience, our track record of superior job quality, and our friendly customer service reputation, we are regarded by many as one of San Antonio’s leading choices for that spectacularly remodeled  kitchen, bathroom, or home addition you’ve always dreamed of owning! 

Transformations Remodeling’s exceptional business reputation has been recognized and proudly awarded an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau, a 5-Star Rating with Angi/Home Advisors and a 5-Star Google Business Rating. These prestigious ratings don’t come easy. They are only achieved by consistently providing exceptional quality work, fair and competitive pricing and superb customer ratings. 

Very few remodeling and home addition companies achieve all 5-Stars with the Big 3 Ratings Firms! We are proud to be one of them!

History Of The Company

Transformations Remodeling is owned by Mr. Juan L. Martinez, who, at 14 years-old, began his apprenticeship and training in construction and architectural design upon joining his family’s sprawling construction business in Monterrey, Mexico. 

After completing school and spending nearly 15 more years participating in the construction of literally thousands of homes, commercial business centers, factories and government facilities in Mexico’s second largest business and industrial center, Juan’s Monterrey family business rose to prominence in nearly all of Mexico and Central America by featuring a special blend of Renaissance and Art-Deco Style architecture and construction techniques.

Juan’s main focus was designing and building homes and businesses with a unique blend of the early 15th Century Greek and early Roman architectural inspirations of perfection, symmetry, geometry, proportion, the use of arched openings, vaulted ceilings and stone flooring, with the orderly arrangement of the 1920’s and 1930’s, European/American Art-Deco era’s merging of societal and technological progress and the experimental use of luxurious materials, metals, patterns, handcrafted elements and the icons of modern technology and design. 

The blend of Renaissance and Art-Deco style of construction design became the foundations of today’s popular Southwest Style.

While we admit that not too many jobs call for 75’ arched cathedral ceilings, it’s nice to know that your builder developed great skill and success utilizing the design excellence, impeccable workmanship and superb customer service he learned throughout his early career in Mexico and Central America. 


As a third-generation residential and commercial builder, Juan became a United States citizen in 1980. After moving to San Antonio, he served more than 20 years as a General Contractor, Designer and Construction Manager for two of San Antonio’s leading Home Builders and Kitchen and Bath Remodelers. Juan recalls:

“Back in 2005, I finally started my own business building additions and remodeling homes in the San Antonio area for customers wanting a more Southwestern, decorative flair to their homes.

People love arched openings, decorative entrances, extensive use of tile and stone and more ornate woodwork and texturing. We stayed extremely busy. Soon, however, I became so booked that I formed Transformations Remodeling to enlarge our workforce and be able to tackle more simultaneous work.”“My family and I love San Antonio and have proudly transformed hundreds of customers’ homes into their ultimate ‘dream come true,” Juan says with a pleasant smile. “People really appreciate our flair for symmetry, proportion, stylish design, and quality construction,” he adds.

So, no matter your plans and budget, Transformations Remodeling promises to utilize our decades of unique design and construction experience to do your job just the way you want it.

We listen intently as you share your ideas and describe the features you want in your dream project. We then incorporate your ideas into the master design and work tirelessly to transform your ‘vision’ into a warm, comfortable, and wonderful reality! 

Our mission

Our mission is to become San Antonio’s best in helping homeowners realize their ideal dream home affordably, and with long-lasting quality and workmanship.


Transformations Remodeling promises to devote every bit of our extensive design and building expertise to deliver you a magnificent new kitchen, bathroom or home addition that you’ll cherish for life! 


Transformations Remodeling consistently offers the lowest cost for job services in the San Antonio area. So, if you are looking around or shopping in attempt to save money on your remodeling project, we invite you to simply take advantage of our Low-Cost Guarantee - even if you have received several bids for your project already. It’ll save you a lot of time and effort.

What is our Low-Cost Guarantee? 
We guarantee that our job estimate will contain the lowest mark-up in the industry without sacrificing job quality, material durability, or workmanship. Since the total cost of remodeling consists of materials, labor, and proportionate overhead, we guarantee that our overhead markup will be less than any of our competitors.  All area remodeling companies utilize the same suppliers for building materials and offer their craftsmen pretty much the same competitive wages, but here’s where we’re different ... the markup! We mark each job up far less than our competitors in this business. How much less? Sometimes by as much as 10% to 25%. And this savings is passed directly to you! 

The result? You’ll save money. That’s our Guarantee!
We sacrifice a percentage of profit on each job because it is our belief that if a customer is overwhelmingly satisfied with our service, performance, and job quality, they’ll have no problem recommending our services to others. To us, this business formula is the best form of advertising money can buy. 

So, if we offer you the lowest cost possible for your job along with providing you exceptional service and high-quality work, you’ll probably be thrilled with the whole Transformations Remodeling experience, and we’ve accomplished our #1 goal. And, as you can probably guess, that’s why so many of our customers are delighted to recommend us to friends and family.

Please call us today and allow us to give you our no-obligation, Low-Cost Guarantee Job Estimate. It won’t cost you a thing and just might save you thousands -- and allow us to make new friends too!

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