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What To Expect

If you are new to having your home remodeled or adding additional rooms and/or space to your existing floor plan, below we’ve put together an overview of the steps we follow from start to finish, so you are well informed and can stay involved with your project every step of the way:  

Step 1 Initial Contact, Scope of Work Verification and Low-Cost Guarantee Cost Estimate

Once you submit your request for us to contact you through our website, or to request a quote from us, we will call you to confirm that we received your request. During this call, we will verify your correct contact information, email address, property address, and get a clearer idea of the work you’d like to have done. 

We’ll also coordinate a convenient time to send out our job estimator to discuss your project in more detail, get a good understanding of the overall scope of the work, take measurements and reference photographs (if necessary), and answer any questions you may have. 

Step 2 Provide you with our Low-Cost Guarantee Project Quote

Once our estimator has all the information s/he needs for the job estimate, they’ll prepare a cost estimate for your project.  After internal approval, your Low-Cost Guarantee Project Estimate will be emailed to you for your review. At any time after receiving the Job Estimate, please feel free to call any of us here at Transformations Remodeling if you have questions about the Estimate, or your project.

Step 3 Quote accepted and ready to begin?

After you’ve had a few days to review our Low-Cost Guarantee Estimate,  we will follow-up with you to see if the quote is acceptable and to set up a project start date if you’re ready to go. 

When you’re ready to begin your construction or remodeling, we will arrange one final meeting at your residence. We call this the pre-construction (PreCon) meeting. Here, we meet once more in your home to sign the construction/remodeling contract, receive your deposit, and conduct a final walk-thru with you to discuss the pertinent details of the job. 

This meeting is very important because the construction/remodeling schedule will be discussed along with other considerations such as worker parking, access to the work area(s), appropriate job-site materials storage areas (if applicable), water and electrical availability, rest room access, pet protocols, family and home safety and any other considerations or information you may want to communicate to us and our crews.

Step 4 Your Project is ready to go!

Shortly after the Pre-con meeting, all applicable building and remodeling permits are applied for, materials are ordered, and the construction schedule is finalized. Next we begin demolition (site preparation). Here, we remove all of the old material and items that are going to be replaced and ready your home for the new construction. There is no additional cost for demolition and disposal. All trash and debris will be hauled off and disposed of as part of our Contract.

Step 5Construction/Remodeling begins. 

Upon completion of the demo process, the remodeling and/or construction areas of your home are prepped and ready to go. We’re all set to start.

Step 6 - Congratulations! 

You’re on your way to realizing that beautifully new remodeled home you’ve always dreamed of! 

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